Hello, my name is Tereza, but you can call me Gloriya

Based in Brno. Working under pseudonym Gloriya Komarova.


IG: https://instagram.com/glori___23



Tereza Vinklárková (*1996) is a visual artist working also under the pseudonym Gloriya Komarova. Tereza graduated with a Master’s degree in Intermedia studio at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno and has been on study visits to KASK in Belgium and the Estonian Academy of Arts in Estonia. In her artistic practice, she focuses on phenomena affecting us in everyday life, which she processes through the tools of self-presentation and the culture of sharing. Her artistic expression includes immersive installations made of upcycled material consisting of soft textile sculptures, which together with machine embroidered details have become an essential part of the artist’s manuscript. Currently, she has moved from exploring the commodification of ecological elements to the theme of physicality and psychosomatic manifestations in the context of art education and patriarchal structures. Tereza is a member of the relaxed collective lilky_60200.



2015-2022 BA, MA at FaVU VUT, Brno, CZ

2018 KASK & Conservatorium, Ghent, BE

2017 Estonian Academy of Fine Arts, Tallinn, EE


*Solo exhibitions


Kouzlo nevyrceneho slibu/ The Spell of an Unspoken Promise, Gallery TIC, Brno, CZ


Too Cool To Pretend To Care, Umakart, Brno, CZ


Gloriya Komarova, Monomach, Brno, CZ


*Group exhibitions


Ctyrhlava bojovnice / lilky_60200, Divoka Sarka, Prague, CZ


Both Bodies Clove, JednaDvaTri gallery, Prague, CZ

Colour Eating, Display, Prague, CZ

Sand in the Gears, PLATO, Ostrava, CZ


Day Off: Final Downcycling, Rainbow gallery, Prostejov, CZ

Free Life, Jeleni gallery, Prague, CZ


lilky_60200, Umakart, Brno, CZ

Urban Skanzen, Clam-Gallais palace, Prague, CZ


Miracle, ISFAG, Tallinn, EE

Navid Foundation, NAVID, Tallinn, EE

The Last Word, Nova Cvernovka, Gallery IN:OUT, Bratislava, SK


AFTERLIFE, Tschechisches Zentrum, Berlin, DE




lilky60200 w/o Lulecska lavka, Lulec, CZ


lilky60200/Purifying therapy, Camp As One, Vityazevo, RU


Homepage, Mala Noc Mody, Brno, CZ


Re-performance, Crashtest festival, Prague, CZ


Washing Patience, House of Arts, Brno, CZ

Malamut festival, Ostrava, CZ

Chaos festival Stritez, CZ




All That You Change, Changes You - workshop led by Antonie Bernardova, components sewed by me, Gallery 209, Brno, CZ



2022 Dean’s Prize at FaVU VUT

2022 Marienbad Film Festival

2019 residency Camp As One, Vityazevo, RU